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How Autonomous Battery Operated Pallet Truck Works

How Autonomous Battery Operated Pallet Truck Works


  • Pallets are the common load carrier for all kinds of goods moved and transported in a worldwide supply chain. Pallet trucks are the universal tool to move pallets within production, warehouses, lorries up to the point of sale in shops, supermarkets, DIY markets, or even to the end user.  
  • Depending on the type of pallet, the load and the application, different pallet trucks meet the need of every customer. 


In the past 50 years, the international transport of goods has seen massive growth. Pallets are the load carrier most common all over the world. Though they come in different sizes and shapes, the electric pallet truck on sale represents the most convenient and cheap alternative to move from manual to electric transport. 

  • Much more prevalent. 
  • Quickly popular as they increased efficiency in a workplace and factories. 
  • Easily move smaller and bigger goods from one location to another.  
  • Stack goods on top of another.  


  • Due to high volume warehouses are stepping into the future, these Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) assist with picking and moving operations. 
  • They are cost-effective solutions that increase efficiency, improve working conditions, and easily scale to match your growth. It can travel on a fixed path, relying on pre-programmed software for instructions. 


  • This Autonomous Mobile Robots must be equipped with audible warnings and lights, and; they must have built-in sensors to detect obstructions. These sensors can include lasers and/or camera systems.  
  • The sensors are positioned to detect objects and activity from the floor to specified heights and distances around all sides of the vehicle. They must also be capable of knowing when to slow down or stop to prevent a collision. They can mount one, two, three, or more safety lasers depending on the project itself.  
  1. Front safety sensor- To ensure safety conditions in “forward” operations, when UGV travels at high speed. 
  1. Laser scanner (Lidar) – Used to map the working environment and for path planning. 
  1. Side safety sensors – Used while performing backward operations and unit load deposit or removal. 
  1. Ultrasonic sensor – Used to detect the obstacles in front of the fork. 


  • These systems can be engineered to handle anything from small and fragile items to large and heavy payloads. 
  • A pallet lifter is a self-driving pallet jack able to automated drive and navigates by itself. 
  • This UGV application allows limited vertical movement of the load, reaching pallets on racks or shelves at low height or in floor-to-floor operations. 
  • These are especially useful in processes where change is constant, and barriers – such as conveyors – are undesirable. 
  • These autonomous pallet robots have stabilizers located beneath the forks. Stabilizers allow reduced AMR dimensions, weight, and a tight turning radius, ensuring great maneuverability. 
  • An additional benefit of these autonomous vehicles is that they offer manual driving control as well.  

MARC Ax BOPT 2T autonomous and AI-based pallet docking 



Active safety devices 

  1. Safety sensors for stopping AMR 
  1. Emergency stop buttons 
  1. Ultra-sonic sensor 

Passive safety devices 

  1. Warning light 
  1. Audible warning/alarm signals 
  1. Status light 


  • Improve operator working conditions by deducing tedious and repetitive tasks. 
  • Reduce production and labor costs by improving traffic flow, reducing variability, and improving traceability. 
  • Improve safety by reducing human error that can cause product or facility damage and potential injury. The automated vehicles’ sensor fusion along with the safety system provides optimum safety in your environment. 
  • Improve space utilization by reducing barriers like conveyors and providing flexibility within your facility layout. 
  • Redeploy able between multiple tasks and locations as demands change. Scalable by simply adding or removing vehicles and charging stations to match demand. 
  • ROI is achieved by improving safety, increasing consistency, reducing labor, and lowering operation costs. 

Maxbyte has developed Autonomous Pallet Truck for various industries and demonstrated business value to the customers, and also, customers started to realize their benefits. 

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