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Autonomous Trolley for Material Movement

Unlocking the power of innovation, these intelligent machine revolutionize how materials are transported, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations.

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MARC Ax Trolly - autonomous mobile robot

Automate material & tools movement within shop floor, office space and warehouse

How intelligent is MARC AX Trolleys

Autonomous System

Self Service based installation, no complex training required

A.I Based Mapping

Multiple/ single point delivery, detect walls, doors, furniture, and other obstacles, and navigate along the right path

Battery Life

Self-monitoring of battery life and indication for charging / easy battery management

Smart Connected Operation

HMI, web/mobile app, remote control, AR service, workflow activities, daily task reports, history & alerts

Remote Dashboard

Remote control, monitoring workflow activities, daily task reports & alerts



Quick Move

MARC Ax Trolly - autonomous mobile robot

Logistics Movement

Collison Free

Rechargeable Batteries

Benefits & Values

MARC Ax Trolley - autonomous mobile robot
Improve efficient material movement
Improve efficient intra logistic activity
Improve staff productivity & jobs
Reduce the cost of warehouse / store management


Plug & Play

Smart Tool Room

e- Kanban

Stores Management

Snacks Movement

Logistics Cart

Warehouse Management

Robot as a Service

Autonomous Trolley for Material Movement

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