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Streamline material handling with battery powered pallet trucks

Unleashed capabilities, transforming processes and effectiveness in warehouse and logistic operations in manufacturing industries.

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MARC Ax BOPT - autonomous mobile robot

Automate lifting and moving of heavier and stacked pallets manual operations

How intelligent is MARC BOPT

Remote Dashboard

Remote control, monitoring workflow activities, daily task reports & alerts.

Condition Monitoring

Smart fleet management with forklift condition monitoring

Battery Life

Self-monitoring of battery life and indication for charging

Touch Display

10” HMI as user interface used to configure the map and for user acknowledgement



Quick Move

MARC Ax BOPT - autonomous mobile robot

Move On Fixed Path

Collison Free

Rechargeable Batteries

Benefits & Values

MARC Ax BOPT - autonomous mobile robot
Increase efficiency
Improve working conditions
Improve safety
Lowering operational costs


Plug & Play



A.I. Based OS

Easy Programming

Universal Application

Collaborative & Safe

Robot as a Service

Autonomous Battery Operated Pallet Truck

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