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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

A plug and play solution for any suitable use case with its own default navigation based on the laser and proper feedback system using the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which delivers dynamic and decisive intelligent solutions to a multitude of industries.

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MARC - Autonomous Mobile Robot

Automate carrying and moving of heavier goods from shop floor to warehouse

How intelligent is MARC AMR

Remote Dashboard

Remote control, monitoring workflow activities, daily task reports & alerts.

Condition Monitoring

Smart fleet management with forklift condition monitoring

A.I Based Mapping

Multiple/ single point delivery, detect walls, doors, furniture, and other obstacles, and navigate along the right path

Smart Connected Operation

HMI, web/mobile app, remote control, AR service, workflow activities, daily task reports, history & alerts

Battery Life

Self-monitoring of battery life and indication for charging

Autonomous System

Self Service based installation, no complex training required



Quick Move

MARC - Autonomous Mobile Robot

Move On Fixed Path

Collison Free

Rechargeable Batteries

Benefits & Values

MARC - Autonomous Mobile Robot
Multiple Robots Management Any Robot Any Environment
Traffic Management & Remote Monitoring Control
Real-time Analytics
Task Delegation, Management and Scheduling
Lane Management & Elevator Integration / Management
Track Optimization


Plug & Play



A.I. Based OS

Easy Programming

Universal Application

Collaborative & Safe

Robot as a Service


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